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Free Webinar

Free Seminar

Free 1/2 Hour Consulting Session

Class List & Pricing
  1. Be Your Own Consultant
  2. Develop Your Own Marketing Plan
  3. Develop Your Own Business Plan 
  4. Developing Your Advertising Strategy & Tactics
  5. Understanding & Using Your Business Financials
  6. Building Your Business Team
  7. Developing and Articulating Your Business Goals Mission & Vision
  8. Putting It All Together (E-Myth & Good to Great)
  9. Wholistic Marketing �Implementing Effective Marketing Communications 
  10. Organizational Development � Building Upon Core Competencies
  11. Recruiting, Selecting, Hiring and Retaining Good People
  12. Performance Metrics & Measurement � Sales Forecasting & Break Even


Price List
Each 3 Hour Class $99.00
3 PAK $249.00 ($83/each)
2nd Person Same Company 10% Discount  

Company Specific Special

up to 8 people from same company
Class Schedule