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Local Consultants who Care
What a treat it will be to work one on one with seasoned, successful experienced business owners who are also consultants trained to help other businesses improve their operations and profitability.
  • We work with clients at their locations and or at our JSBSC offices
You can work with JSBSC Consultants in ways that work best for you and your business situation:
  • Project Based with a customized Scope of Services with a fixed fee quote for the project

  • Retainer Based on somewhat undefined topics with billing based upon a set number of hours per time period. Billing would be based upon an agreed monthly retainer fee

  • Service Based to obtain specific services such as conducting Focus Groups with fixed fee billing for the service

  • Hourly Based at your specific request. Billing would be for hours actually provided on a quoted per hour basis. This hourly rate is considerably discounted for the above approaches

How do I find out more or how do I get started?
  • Phone Hank or Roger at JSBSC 517.796.8151
  • Email JSBSC at info@SmallBusinessJackson.com
  • Schedule a free one half hour, no obligation, consulting session with Hank and or Roger (click here)

    • To make the most of your free consulting session do these things (click here)

  • It makes sense to seek guidance from someone who has done and is doing what it is that you are seeking to do
    • We are experienced business owners who are hands on consultants, mentors, business coaches, and class room instructors/facilitators

  • We are very low cost compared to the fixed cost incurred by hiring your own employee expert - only to have them leave when they became really good and valuable
    • You pay only for what you want or need - when you want it
    • Consider what it would cost to hire a marketing expert - a good one
    • We go away when you request and or when we feel that we are not adding value
  • We have experience operating and consulting with businesses in almost every industry area
    • Retail
    • Service
    • Manufacturing
    • Internet Based
    • Home Based
    • Family Owned
    • Information Management
    • IT Management
    • Consulting
  • We have small and medium sized business planning and operation experience with
    • Developing and Implementing Business Plans
    • Developing and Implementing Marketing Plans
    • Organizational Development
    • HR Management
    • Team Building
    • Conducting Focus Groups
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Shop Management
    • Computer Use Training
    • IT Management