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JSBSC consultants have been both franchisees and franchisors. They have operated retail store fronts and have developed franchise systems ans sold franchises.

We have developed extensive first hand experience with creating and utilizing Franchise and Licensing Agreements, Operations Manuals, Training Programs, Business Concept Packaging, Marketing and Group Advertising.

We have solid hands on experience in dealing with attorneys, CPAs, Real Estate Brokers, Bankers, Licensing Agencies, Zoning and Signage Ordinances, Builders, Business Brokers, Vendors, Manufacturers, Media Advertising, POS Computing Vendors, and the retail and wholesale buying public.

We have developed and conducted new and operating franchisee training, have bought and sold businesses and stores, and have sold franchises.

We are very much attuned to the litigious nature of modern business format franchising and have chaired franchisee advisory boards, formed and worked with franchisee associations and have implemented processes that provide mutual benefit to franchisees and franchisers.

·         Business Model Evaluation & Improvement

·         Franchise Agreement Development

·         Operations Manuals

·         Franchisee Training

·         Guidance for Licensing & Sales

·         Working with Attorneys

·         Manage System Development Costs