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Internet Marketing
The question is no longer - 'should my business be on the Internet?', but has become 'how can I make the Internet productive for my business'.

Using the Internet is not about technology. Using the Internet is about marketing. I believe that the Internet, and eCommerce, are integral parts of your total marketing mix...not just an alternative way of doing business.

We think like marketers...not like programmers. We believe that a Internet marketing should be focused upon the customer and shadow the company's business model. Your web site should reflect how your company chooses to do business...and support business profitability.

We believe that a company's management team should control the marketing web site and not be held hostage by technicians. We believe that the future of the Internet for small and mid sized businesses is in customer service applications, not technology.

The Internet is about value and must follow the rules of business economics. Low cost quick solutions seldom produce profitable results and frequently result in a much higher Total Cost of Operation (TCO) than expected.

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