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Marketing Plans
It's easy to say 'my advertising doesn't work'. It's much more difficult to say why it isn't working. Perhaps the reason that the advertising isn't working is that it was selected based upon the price of the media...rather than the two most important factors: The Target Market and the Message.

Marketing Plans are not a form of dreaming and expecting accidental success. They are based upon solid marketplace information about your targeted customers, your competitors, your industry and your marketplace.

Marketing Plans are all about figuring out what your customers want and how you can provide them with what they want. It is about delivering messages to your targeted customers in ways causing them to pay attention and take actions and that improve your competitive advantage.

Marketing Plans are not just about figuring out where and how to advertise. They include Public Relations, Customer Relations, Marketplace Positioning, Customer Service, Product/Service offerings, pricing strategy, distribution methods, product line, personnel training -- all the dimensions of IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) are brought into play.

A solid Marketing Plan supports the business objectives and is a living document. It includes the marketing strategy, the marketing tactics (implementation) and the basics for the advertising plan to support the marketing plan. It includes what will be done by whom by when.

A quality Marketing Plan requires performance monitoring and comparison with plan so that adjusting action can be take in time to sustain the performance goals of the Marketing plan.

We have developed and implemented hundreds of strategic and tactical marketing plans for my own use and for client businesses. We have spent more than Ten Million dollars of our own companies' money marketing and advertising over the past fifteen years.

  • Marketing Plan Effectiveness Audits
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Marketing Strategies & Tactics
  • Marketing Plan Implementation
  • Integrated Marketing Communications