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People Management

·         Organizational Development

·         Team Building -- Team is one of the most over used and misused words in American business. Calling a group of people a team does not necessarily improve performance....but business managers do this every day.

Teams are specifically selected for a project, are carefully nurtured and developed to attain objectives and high performance on a sustained basis.

Team Building takes time as a team goes through its forming, storming, norming and performing stages and begin to trust one another.

JSBSC works with your group/team to clarify goals, articulate their mission, structure their projects and environment and help them build skills for their enhanced and sustained performance.


·         Team Mission & Chartering

·         Team Selection & Diversity

·         Team Dynamics

·         Conflict Management

·         Goal Setting & Sustained Performance

·         Empowerment - Self Managing Team

·         Self Accountability

·         High Performance Teams